I’ve spent the first 27 years of my life with Fatema Akter from the Town of Cumilla, Bangladesh.

She was my mother, a pure coincidence.

Akter was brilliant. She had an unmatched sense of humor. And, besides, she possessed a unique personality.

But I loved her for something else.

Children learn many things from their mothers.

I think I have learned only one.

You do what you do, not because it would inevitably result into this or that beneficial outcome, but because it is morally the right thing to do.

I don’t always succeed to live by that principal, of course; otherwise, I’d have been an angel.

But I try.

I try because I love that woman.

There is a writer in this world, in whose writings I’ve found an echo of that principle.

She’s also a woman, another pure coincidence.

She’s from the State of Kerala, India.

A Syrian Christian with a seditious heart.

If I correctly remember, before getting institutionalized by the Roman Empire, Christianity was a religion of sedition.

That Keralite woman, who is a Syrian Christian with a seditious heart, gave me the second important lesson of my life: if you want to live, you need to divorce hope from reason.

I have divorced hope from reason, Suzanna…

Note: Ammu died in April, the cruelest month. I wrote this write-up in June. For Suzanne Arundhati Roy.

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