Photo New York Times

She came to the world, nobody noticed.
She stayed here only for seven years.
Then she passed away and everybody noticed.
Because, by then, she became a photo.
Her final word was, maybe, just “bread”.
Or “mother”. Or “Allah”. Really, who knows?
Thank you, Tyler Hicks, for this photo.
Without it, she would still remain nameless.
Name matters, yes, it matters a lot.
Without a name, you do not exist.
So, Mr Tyler Hicks, thank you again.
At least your photo made her someone.
Now we know her name, Amal Hussain.
She is, I mean was, a Yemeni.
She died, no wait, MBS killed her.
At least she was given an identity.
Other Yemeni kids are far less lucky.

3 November 2018

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