A Scene from Eternity

To you and all your memories, Elizabeth

Photo Creds Elizabeth Eunice Budlong 

One day we will rub all the blues of the skies in our eyes. We will breathe in all the sighs that fill the air of this lonely planet. We will take all the stars in our hands which are nothing but human tears.

We will spread those tears here and there like cents so that they can be reached out whenever the need arises.

Our fingers and hearts will burn one day, for we are habituated to be absent-minded. The candle of time will ask, with a smile, “have not you idiots learned the definition of belonging?”

One day we will climb up the mountain of dreamsreach its top, and touch it as mothers touch their firstborn.

One day we will go to exile in the ethereal light of dawn. There will be no fixed destination. Even death can be an elegantly enlightened station or maybe everything, begins, from where it ended.

One day we will become a scene from eternity like old friends walking the road not taken.

Being to Nothingness

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